Event-$25 Deep Stack Holdem Tournament

We switched over to a new Tournament Structure that is more in line with tournaments that casinos run and it won’t feel like two separate tournaments, one before the first break and one after the first break. Check it out! It was well received by the Players
$25 Deep Stack Texas Hold’em Tournament- NO REBUYS. We are looking for a minimum of 6 players. We will play a Sit n Go (single table) for up to 10 players. We will play a multi-table tournament for more than 10 players. Join the tournament from here and you will have your seat reserved.

100-200 Starting Blinds
15-20 Minute Levels. Levels 1 thru 9 are 20 minutes in duration
33,000 starting chip stack.
$25 will go into the prize fund.

Tournament Structure

Start Time: 7:00 PM