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Welcome to the Main Event Social Club, Beach Colony membership.

The Main Event Social Club is an exclusive membership-only club. There are NO dues, but you must be a member to participate.


The club will schedule weekly games open to all Beach Colony East and West owners and their guests staying in their condos.  All games will be held in the Beach Colony East Social Room on the first floor.  Games can be found by clicking on the “Calendar” button found on the right side bar or on the menu.


We will schedule weekly tournaments to be held on Thursday evenings starting at 9:00 pm. We understand that guests who are poker enthusiasts are here vacationing with their families. We are hoping that starting at 9:00 pm gives them time to eat dinner with their families and to spend quality time before their children go to bed. Then they can relax and enjoy a good, friendly, casino style Texas Hold’Em poker tournament.


All of our poker  games conform to Florida Penal Code Chapter 849, that is 1) they are held in private places, no public places, 2) there are no rakes, no person receives any economic benefit other than their personal winnings, 3) A person may not directly or indirectly charge admission or any other fee for participation in the game.


All of our Poker Tournaments are low-level (usually $50+ buyin), deep stack and usually always no rebuys, but members will always dictate what is played as long as there are enough players for the game. On poker tournaments we sometimes have a cap on how high the blind levels will go, which depends on the number of players and number of chips in play. This is done to maximize the amount of time we can play “poker” without it becoming an all-in pre-flop fest because of blinds becoming too high in relation to the number of chips in play. As players drop out of a poker tournament they will usually play a $1-$2 Poker Cash game if there is enough interest. We have customized poker chips for our Poker Cash Games specifically so there is no risk of renegade chips being introduced into the Cash Game.


Click on the JOIN THE POKER CLUB button on the top of this page to fill out the membership application.


Once you are an Active member all of the rich functionality of this website will be open to you.