Fort Walton Beach Poker Tournaments

If you are a poker enthusiast, looking for Fort Walton Beach Poker Tournaments , we would love to have you join our Poker club. The Main Event Social Club is a place where poker players who have a love of the game meet to play low level buy-in Hold’em Tournaments and Hold’em Cash Games. We will meet as often as members want to play. 


I am Jersey John. I started the Poker Club because I, like so many others, got tired of playing free poker in the Poker Leagues, an atmosphere that made it difficult to really improve your game. It seems every session had its share of players who approach the games as “free poker” with absolutely nothing to lose, and they play that way, which doesn’t make for a very good game.  Many players possess a love of the game and would like to play in games that contain good solid poker to improve their games. This Social Club was created for them. The Club usually plays low buy-in poker tournaments and cash games but we will play whatever players want to play. On the tournaments we always play Deep Stack with NO REBUYS.


I have since moved to Navarre, Florida and expanding the club, offering membership to residents of Navarre, Pensacola, Fort Walton Beach, Milton and Destin Florida. While in Texas we met multiple times during the month and took part in friendly, competitive Texas Hold’Em poker games. All of our poker  games conform to Florida Penal Code Chapter 849, that is 1) they are held in private places, no public places, 2) there are no rakes, no person receives any economic benefit other than their personal winnings, 3) A person may not directly or indirectly charge admission or any other fee for participation in the game.


The Main Event Social Club is an exclusive membership-only club. There are NO dues, but you must be a member to participate.


All events will be in the Fort Walton Beach, Navarre, Destin, Pensacola and Milton areas. Anyone can ask to host a tournament which is encouraged.


Click on the Join Club button on the right to fill out the membership application.